Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Rich!

Today is Rich's 38th birthday...Happy Birthday my love! Gage & I had the opportunity to go visit Rich this past weekend for the first time since he entered CLM. Here is a little bit about the program:
Christian Love Ministries is a non-profit drug/alcohol treatment facility at the top of a (steep!) hill overlooking the Hiawasse River in Murphy, NC. It has provided treatment for over 1,400 individuals since their doors opened in August 1996. The success rate of the program at CLM stays consistent at 50% (or above)-most secular programs have only a 3-10% success rate. During a student's 11 week stay at CLM, they are given individual counseling, group therapy, classroom instruction & daily AA or NA meetings. Funding is provided through donations and money raised at the 2 Market Place thrift stores run by CLM. Every day, the students spend a few hours working at one of the Market Place stores sorting donations, filling shelves, or bailing clothing into giant bales that are shipped to Africa. It is quite an time I visit I'll take some pictures to show just how amazing it is!
For even more info, you can visit CLM's website:
Here is a picture of us down by the Hiawasse River yesterday...

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  1. it was great being there with you -thanks for letting tag along...LOVE YOU