Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Speaking of an emotional roller coaster...For the past few days I have felt pretty down & angry. Today, however, was the bright spot in my week that I've been needing. I (nervously) went to my first Al Anon meeting. It was a fairly large meeting of at least 30 big that they never even got around to me in the circle as people were sharing. I actually found that to be o.k. with me for my first sort of sit back and take it all in instead of feeling compelled to share. I also told a few more friends about our situation today and was so touched by the positive support they extended. When Rich first entered rehab, I emailed a couple of his friends to let them know about what was happening, and I was so disappointed that one of his "close" buddies has yet to even respond. I think that fear of abandonment has kept me from continuing to share with others and reach out for help. Today's experience taught me a valuable lesson: I have to show others respect by giving them the chance to experience & feel their own set of emotions about this process of recovery. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for our words could ever express how much we have been blessed by your love.


  1. I know you feel very vunerable right now. Just remember you are a very strong person, a beautiful young lady inside and out and many people love you, Rich and little Gage. Don't be so hard on are doing an awsome job. The road ahead is pretty rough right now. Always know that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. You may collapse in a heap and cry, "God, I just can't anymore" but then comes rest and a new day and HE and your family and friends will see you all thru this. Trust me on this ya! mom

  2. Girl you know we are behind you EVERY step of the way..We are here for you, Rich and gage - we consider you our best friends and love you so much. We will get through this together. Always remember we are matter what.