Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I need more hours in the day. This is my living room floor...I sit in the middle & surround myself with all my bills, tax stuff, coupons, cards, etc. Land mines of paper...and on the outskirt of that ring o' paper are 2 play mats, a swing, & an exersaucer to keep my son occupied while I figure out life. There probably won't ever be enough hours in the day to figure out life though, huh? I wanted to spend more time on this blog, more time chronicling my son's development, more time tidying our little home. Yet with all that I've wanted to do with these hours I don't have, I really find I'm doing a decent job "holding down the fort." My house may look like a tornado hit, but I'm finally getting a hold of our finances & paying the bills on time. I know I've been bad about logging in the email & phone time I planned, but I've spent some awesome time playing, singing, & bonding with Gage. Through intense personal struggles I'm learning what is really important...(But who am I kidding? I've always hated cleaning! Now I just have a good excuse not to!)

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