Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Unexpected Paths

Hi all! So, some unexpected things have been happening to Rich since rehab that I thought I'd share. He was (& still is to an extent) a bit nervous to reconnect with some of his friends "on the outside" for several reasons: fears of how they will react, how he can maintain relationships without alcohol (because, let's face it, many social gatherings involve alcohol), & just the general anxiety of wondering what others are thinking about him/us/drinking/the lack there of...
A couple of weeks ago, Rich was talking to a friend that he had not spoken with for several months (this friend knew nothing of Rich's addiction or his entering rehab)& to Rich's surprise, not only was his buddy very supportive, but he also admitted to Rich that he himself is currently struggling with a drug addiction. Rich is, as I type, with his friend at an NA meeting to be supportive & encourage him to get clean. I have concerns that helping his friend may be too much emotionally for Rich considering he is in the newbie stage of recovery himself. But no matter what, I'm so proud of my husband for not only continuing to be diligent about his own recovery plan, but he has also found a new role in educating others as well as helping friends who are also battling addictions.
I'm amazed how something so seemingly personal as addiction is actually a community issue, & there are many folks out there struggling...and looking for someone to be their "mentor" through the process. And a new chapter begins...

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  1. Rich will be able to use this as "double" rehab sessions. He's come so far (which his friend will witness) and in helping this friend I'm sure Rich will continue to cultivate a deeper confidence which in turn will give him the strength to continue to "deal" with his addiction. GOOOOO RICH!