Friday, July 17, 2009

90 in 90

Today marks something of a milestone for one of my past blogs, I mentioned that students are challenged to complete 90 meetings in 90 days after graduating the program at CLM. Today is the 90th day post rehab & I'm happy (o.k...happy isn't a good enough word...maybe ecstatic could come closer to the actual emotion) to report that not only has Rich successfully made the 90 in 90, but he has stayed strong in his recovery and is continuing to "work his program." There have been times during the past 3 months when Rich was not able to attend a meeting because our schedule as a family conflicted with meeting times, so my little over-achiever has been doubling up on meetings over the past couple of weeks to make up for meetings missed.
I asked Rich what one of the most effective tools (for him) has been in his daily quest to stay sober, & he said, "Play it out." He described it as a way to control urges by thinking beyond the drink. For example: Rich has a drink. For many alcoholics, that is the one and only thing they think about. But to think beyond the drink...he begins hiding his relapse, I am disappointed, our family is broken, our finances get out of control again....and on it goes. The aftermath of what it would mean for him to begin drinking again helps motivate his sobriety.
Congratulations Rich, for taking your life back from alcohol. I admire your strength & determination. xoxo

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